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15th April 2024 

Counselling is for everyone.

This page is about men and counselling. It is very generalised and may well not apply to every man on the planet. I think the important thing is how you personally see counselling and how the process might be helpful to you.

Counselling for men. #01

As a counsellor, I see both men and women; however it seems that men have more difficulty in accessing the psychological help that could be available to them; the reasons are many and varied and perhaps could be thought about. For instance, the way counselling is presented is often unpalatable to men. The idea that talking about your troubles to a stranger might be helpful is alien to the way that most men think or lead their lives. Coupled with that is the way that the counselling world is structured; it is predominately a female world, often leaving many men feeling awkward and at times even separated.

Counselling for men. #02

However, men do suffer and have to deal with problems such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and difficulties in relationship. And as the place that men have in society is rapidly changing, so men have become less sure about themselves and how to handle their changing role, so self esteem and confidence are also issues that men face.

How about thinking about the way women seem so much better at taking care of themselves and how ready they can be to talk things through with someone else. Taking a leaf out of their book just might be one way of dealing with the kinds of problems men also face. That is not to say that men have to be the same as women. In fact it has been my experience that men often use counselling or the psychotherapeutic process in a different way, and that would be the case, after all men are different so the process would also be different.

Counselling and psychotherapy is for everyone, male or female. One way of thinking about counselling is that it is for those whose current way of dealing with the world and its problems is not working as well as it could do. Talking things through might give a different point of view, which could lead on to a clearer perspective.

It might be an obvious thing to say, but,
if nothing changes it will all stay the same.